Title Requirements for Mobile Homes in North Carolina

You must first comprehend what a mobile home title is if you want to buy a mobile home or choose to sell the one you now own. Although mobile homes are a cheap housing option, their owners may face legal issues.  Generally speaking, in order to receive a title for a mobile home in North Carolina, the present owner must sign over the current title. But not all mobile homes have titles. To prevent unneeded issues, it is crucial for people purchasing a mobile home in North Carolina to be aware of the state regulations governing mobile home titles.

Titles for New Home

Retailers typically refer to new mobile homes as manufactured homes. The customer purchasing a new mobile home will receive paperwork from the retailer to register the home and obtain a title from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, also known as a Manufactured Statement of Origin, will be included with the retailer’s paperwork. The mobile home’s details, including its manufacture year, are listed on the certificate of origin. This certificate is required by the DMV in order to accurately identify the mobile home in the title.

Mobile Homes That Do Not Have a Title

The government considers mobile homes to be real estate rather than vehicles, so many of the current ones in North Carolina do not have titles. The title can be deleted from state records when a mobile home owner satisfies the regulations pertaining to classifying a mobile home as real estate. In general, for a mobile home to qualify as real estate, the owner must take off the wheels and axles, erect the house on a foundation, and either own the property outright or have a long-term lease on it.

While Buying a Used Mobile Home

The seller is required to give the buyer a title when they purchase a used mobile home. The buyer is unable to obtain a title for the mobile home in his name without the existing title being signed to him. When a mobile home is designated as real property, the seller is required to apply for a title from the DMV and provide the DMV proof that all real estate taxes on the home are current before getting a new title.

Professional Support

In North Carolina, title companies have experience handling a range of issues that could arise when purchasing a mobile home. For instance, a seller might unintentionally or on deliberately sell a mobile home that has a lien on it. The buyer is not getting a clean title in this case; they are getting one that is encumbered by the hidden lien. A buyer of a used mobile home can be sure that the title is clear of liens and other issues by working with a title company.

It’s Easy to Get a Duplicate Title 

Obviously, if you can’t access the original title, you’ll have difficulty selling a mobile home in the majority of states. Fortunately, getting another copy is simple in NC. For a duplicate title, all you need to do is contact your local titling office or the DMV. You can obtain the title so you can sell your property as long as you’re willing to demonstrate your ownership of the manufactured house and have the money to cover a minor charge.

Some Mobile Homes Require Multiple Titles

You now understand how significant a mobile home title is. However, did you know that you might require more than one? You might require a title for each width in your home, depending on where you live.

Accordingly, a single-wide mobile home only requires one title, whereas a double-wide requires two. So, before transferring ownership of this kind of personal property, make sure you have the appropriate number of titles!

To Wrap It Up

On a physical and legal level, there are several contrasts between site-built homes and mobile homes. The ownership documentation is a crucial aspect to take into account when thinking about any type of property. After all, without a certificate of title proving ownership, there is often no legal method to transfer ownership of a mobile home. So, in order to avoid any more issues, make sure you meet the necessary requirements while tilting your mobile home.

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