How to Transfer a Mobile Home Title in North Carolina

Have you ever been interested in buying a mobile home? Or are you looking to sell your mobile home and need the title transferred over? The process is pretty simple, but it takes time for everything to go according to plan! In North Carolina, a mobile home title transfer document is needed to officially transfer ownership of a home from one person to another.

What is a Mobile Home Title Transfer?

Mobile Home Title Transfer
Mobile Home Title Transfer

This document is important to have when selling or buying a used mobile home, as it is proof that the new owner is the rightful owner of the property. Although this may sound like a simple concept, how this process is carried out varies slightly from state to state.

State law will dictate what kind of treatment a home gets depending on its location! 

One of the most important steps in getting your home sold is transferring its title. This can vary by state, but today we will discuss how to do so with North Carolina’s specific transfer requirements.

Before Your Mobile Home Closing, These Are the Things You Should Do:

  • Make sure the seller has the title to the property and that they are listed as the owner: The seller should have the title of the property and be listed as the owner to verify that they are legitimate. When you first look at a mobile home, make sure to ask to see the title(s).
  • Verify whether the taxes are current or not: You will need to contact the DMV office in the same county as the home you are interested in. Contact the authorities with the serial number or VIN of the mobile home to confirm that taxes have been paid. The taxes must be up to date before the title can be transferred.
  • Look for hidden liens: When buying a home, check for any hidden liens attached to the property by contacting the local DMV office. The existence of these liens may or may not be reflected in the “Lien Holder’s” section of the home’s title.
  • If a mobile home park is your residence, then you must follow the rules set by the park owner. Discuss them with the community manager.

At Closing of the Mobile Home

  • Assemble Your Documents: Title(s), Bill of sale. You will need a notary for the title and title application. Each section of a mobile home will have its own title. A double-wide home will have two titles.
  • Pro tip: Before closing and paying any money for buying a home, give it one more inspection. Just as badly as you want the house, the seller also wants your money. Adjust the price if unexpected maintenance is required or if you need to remove any furniture or rubbish.

After Closing – Transferring of the Title

  • The additional form required (signed only by the purchaser):  Title Application (MVR-1): This form needs to be printed and filled out by the people who are buying the mobile home and will sign it. A notary IS is required to sign this form as well. This form needs to be given to the county’s clerk at the local DMV.
  • To pay a transfer tax, fees, and transfer title, bring the necessary paperwork to your county’s DMV. Only the buyer(s) must be present at the DMV to transfer the title. However, it’s best if both the buyer and the seller go to speed up any last-minute DMV complications. All paperwork should be signed already. You don’t require a notary.
  • You must be a resident of North Carolina with a valid state ID to title a mobile home in your name.
  • If a lien needs to be put on the title for any reason, the DMV will handle this while you speak with the clerk assisting you. The lienholder’s name and address must be provided to the clerk. The lienholder’s address will receive the new title. Once the lienholders have received full payment, the title will be transferred to you.

To Wrap It Up

Although it is not complicated, transferring your home title can take some time. Due to the complexity and regional variations of Mobile Home Title Transfer, it can be quite daunting. But in North Carolina, you can easily get the job done by following the simple steps in this article.

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